A poetry collection

It’s Alright I kept telling myself that I’ll be alright, Pushing away the pain so I don’t feel it, I don’t want to cry, But I can feel it eating me up….Choking me to my throat, Getting the best of me. I feel it in my chest, The pain so fresh, It hurts, It really […]

Changing Times

Indeed times are changing Indeed the Spirit of God is being poured Indeed hearts are been drawn Lives being transformed The backslidden getting back to their senses Indeed the times are changing Damascus days are here The times of encountering his light that changes the course of your life Ask Paul who was formerly saul […]

With Me Always

Are miracles for real?If they are, is there one for me?I am in desperate need right nowWill I ever get to the end of this and see the promise I hear about?What’s up with things getting harder with each day that comes?All I am looking at scares the life out of me and gives me […]

Arise And Shine

Who told you you’re not enough? Who told you that there’s not enough room for you to shine your shine? If all the stars numbering 300  billion and still counting can shine in their own course without intimidating each other but complimenting each other, You too can! You’re well equipped with talents and gifts, You […]

Praise Be To God

Praise be to the God who never left To He who was there even in the darkest hour When I couldn’t see my way out And the red sea stood before me And the Egyptians behind me But in the end walked through parted waters on dry ground Oh praise to he who was there […]

The God-Void

You were my friend Well, a little more than that At least to me You presented yourself with a kind heart And caring nature You were the shoulder I cried on and the ear that listened You were like the warmth of a blanket in the winter cold And like a shade in the blazing […]

The Potter’s Clay

For so long I walked with my head held lowI had walked through the lane down to hellI had held on to every nagging voice that told me I’ll never be wellIt would be mockery telling me ”ALL IS WELL”I walked miles and miles among the living yet I was deadI put up this cover […]

A Heart Of Discontentment

All I see is the black dot on a white canvas Crack in the wall Hole in the jar The absent over the present I thought all I had to do to change such a perceptive was say all I had is what I needed but even as I reechoed those words to myself It […]


I know the winter has been there for long And the storms have hit you strong The cold breeze hit you hard And your harvest seems to not break forth Your joy in the morning doesn’t seem to appear And you seem to wither in the faith Yet you still holding on to the master […]

A Path To Healing

They never really got it though they walked alongside me All they saw were expressions of my heartfelt pain But never really knowing its intensity or how deep its venom poisoned me They said they understood but not fully comprehending the weight of what I was carrying I walked in the company of many yet […]


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